Hot Feet

I have been walking Te Araroa (The long pathway) for three weeks now. After a couple of jet lag days in Auckland I headed north by bus to Kaitaia, where I met two Bristolians Daisy and Luke who are also walking the trail. Along with two Swedish girls we hitch hiked our way up to … More Hot Feet

Te Araroa – Gear

I was almost certain that all I would need to buy for this trip would be a lightweight single person tent, however between the Royal Mail losing my sleeping bag, reading some safety advice and internet induced weight paranoia, I have ended up acquiring quite a lot of new kit. Whether or not the marginal … More Te Araroa – Gear

Ben Nevis

The weather was still being awesome and we planned another big weekend, up to the Ben as big as it gets. Again Liam and Rachel did all the planning, I only had to be in the right place at the right time. I picked Liam up in Penrith and we met Rachel and Matt in … More Ben Nevis


It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend and it started well with a tasty BBQ on Friday night. Sooner or later Scafell was mentioned and psyche grew psyche grew. We gathered some questionable beta from the wizened BBQ’ing climbers and packed our bags including a tent and sleeping bags and went to bed early. We … More Scafell