Alpine Ice

Once upon a time two young, sun seeking, rock climbers were offered the chance to start a true mountaineering apprenticeship. A week in Les Alps, being led up gnarly ice climbs by Dr Tony Walker was their opportunity to become ‘ard core. This is the story of that trip. On the 16th of February my … More Alpine Ice

Change of Plan

After 5 weeks of being ill, with the last two weeks showing deterioration and with some encouragement from Rachel’s mum we decided it would be best if we bailed out and found some adequate medical assistance. The next day I went out and bought some tickets to Calgary. With a definite time limit set on our stay … More Change of Plan

Spices of India

Since the last post we’ve had a manic few days full of stress, confusion, adrenaline, fatigue and a splash of anger. We’ve dealt with some very kind people and some very incompetent and shameless liars. We took a ‘private’ bus from Jodhpur to Jhansi, basically a coach like national express but with a corrupt and … More Spices of India

India so far.

It’s been a hectic few weeks, with lots of lessons being learned.9 On the 20th of September we flew from Manchester to Delhi arriving at 2am. The guest house we had booked was OK, but in a dingy neighborhood described by the Lonely Planet as; downright seedy with a reputation for drugs and shady characters. … More India so far.