The Shelterstone

The weekend following my deck-out Liam, Rachel and I headed to the Cairngorms. After too little sleep in Glasgow we drove up to Aviemore  and met up with Mike. 2.5 hours of trekking later we ditched the 25kg sacks and sorted gear. The crag looked amazing, like a mini El Cap, with a long nose … More The Shelterstone


We had planned a long awaited rest weekend. Rachel and I went to Lower Swirl Crag for an easy day out. I’d done most of the routes there but Californian Weirdo is dead good, I said Rachel should do it. I was glad to see she found it a little bit tricky. On second it … More Decking


Rachel phoned on Thursday and told me to take Monday off work or she wouldn’t see me on my birthday weekend. I got mad at this command. I asked my boss he said yes. Liam picked me up on Friday and we drove to Glasgow, the car sounded like there were stones in the engine. … More Hoy


Chi Rachel and I planned to head to the Rucksack club meet at Gogarth. I was so excited I turned up at Chi’s house 3 hours early. We picked Rachel up from Warrington Station and ate some funky chicken wraps in the car. We arrived late in Llanberris late and met Bart in the Heights … More Cloggy

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors come in all shapes and sizes; Mountian Bikers, Skiers, Kayakers, Footballers, Surfers and most importantly Rock Climbers. Since moving to York starting a job and becoming an employed ‘responsible’ person I have most definitely become one. I enjoy my job, it gives me something to do during the day, is of an interesting … More Weekend Warriors

Lucking Up.

Since the last post, a lot has happened. I tried to be succinct but I think I failed. Things have sorted themselves out pretty nicely and my adventure continues in a positive manner. Sadly this post starts with a loss, Rachel’s Granddad passed away and we travelled to Sheffield for the funeral. We planned to … More Lucking Up.