Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors come in all shapes and sizes; Mountian Bikers, Skiers, Kayakers, Footballers, Surfers and most importantly Rock Climbers. Since moving to York starting a job and becoming an employed ‘responsible’ person I have most definitely become one.

I enjoy my job, it gives me something to do during the day, is of an interesting topic and I work with nice people. On the down side I have little spare time and live in York where I know nobody and am 215 miles or 3hrs 33 minutes from Rachel in Glasgow. This sucks. Despite this, over the past couple of months we’ve had some amazing weekend. Driven by a psyche capacitor, in the form of 5 working days, and thicker petrol wallets our climbing logbooks are full of big ticks, large adventures and amazing locations.

A quick weekend at Gimmer Crag is the first up. The others will follow.


Rachel and I went to Gimmer in Langdale. It was very windy and much colder than anticipated. Super busy, we met Martin from Pembroke. I led Intern E1, super techy with weird moves, Rachel did Spring Bank E2, made it look easy, it wasn’t. I got in a grump. We did the classic North West Arete VS, which was really good. Finally I did Whit’s End Direct E1, a route that has lived in my  ‘wanted list’ for quite some time.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors

    1. Fab!! (Will never get the housework done). I am thinking of getting David Gregory to read it -it will brighten up his day! Went to my 1st Zumba class yesterday. Really enjoyed it, even after dancing at the City Hall the day before! Glad the fall didn’t cause any serious damage-how’s the brain? Take care both of you. When are you next at Stanage? Love D H S

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